Counseling & Academic Advisement

Each student is unique in God's creation. Our counselors are committed to working with each individual student so that he may develop his optimal potential. As a department, we recognize that problems are a natural part of human life and range from everyday demands to serious life crises.

It is the counselor's role to assist students in identifying problems, developing alternatives and making informed choices and decisions. A student may come to any member of the counseling staff with any problem. In accordance with state law, all discussions are held in confidence, with exception of those communicating the student's intent to harm himself or others or those communicating that someone is harming the student or another minor.

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  • Overall Goals and Objectives

    • To develop in the student an understanding and appreciation of self to help him understand his place in the kingdom of God
    • To assist students in solving problems and making objective plans for the future
    • To smooth the transition from elementary or middle school to high school and again from high school to higher education
    • To acquaint the student with academic, graduation and college requirements
    • To develop an informed knowledge of life/career alternatives and the vocational or educational commitment involved in those alternatives
    • To make available all pertinent information and assistance in making a responsible and realistic educational decision
  • Personal/Wellness Counseling

    • Discuss personal or social issues in a confidential setting 
    • Teach positive coping skills & healthy self-care practices
    • Discuss educational concerns and explore methods for improving academic performance
    • Aid in conflict resolution
    • Assist students in handling crises
    Proactive, tier 1 approach to mental health, 
    Psychoeducation and positive habits on varying topics:
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Communication
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Sleep
    • Nutrition
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Depression and Suicide
  • Learning Support Program

    St. Francis' Learning Support Program is designed to provide comprehensive academic assistance and personalized support to students, particularly our neurodivergent learners. The program includes a variety of services such as:
    • Regular Office Hours with Teachers 
    • Peer Tutoring 
    • Confidential Communication of Collaborative Learning Profiles
    • Check-ins with Learning Specialist upon Request and/or Referral 
    • Directed Studies Program for Freshmen 
    These components work together to create a nurturing environment where each student has the opportunity to excel academically, develop self-confidence, and prepare for future success.
  • Individual Academic Counseling

    • To discuss educational concerns and explore methods for improving academic performance
    • In certain cases, to help students and their families work out difficulties that are impeding the student's academic performance
    • To help students achieve present and future goals in education
    • To work closely with students throughout their college search, application, and selection processes, helping students identify colleges and universities that align with their academic, social, and spiritual preferences and align well with their family's financial circumstances.
    • Parents, teachers or students may request counseling appointments for students by contacting the counseling department assistant. Parents should feel free to call the grade level counselor or the personal counselor with any concerns regarding their son.
  • Group Counseling

    In addition to individual counseling sessions, the counselors may conduct group meetings. Group counseling is typically used for the following reasons:
    • To aid in conflict resolution
    • To inform the student body of school programs or resources available
    • To establish support groups for students with similar problems, difficulties or interests
    • To disseminate information regarding standardized testing, college preparation, and the college application process.
  • College Representative Visits

    St. Francis High School schedules college representative visits in the fall during our morning Break, Lunch, or after school.

    College Admission Representatives are asked to please schedule a visit to meet with our students on RepVisits. Search for ‘St. Francis High School (La Canada, So.Cal)’ and book an available appointment.

    If you do not see an available slot that works with your travel schedule, please call our counseling assistant at (818) 790-0325, ext. 912, to see if we can accommodate your schedule.
Four-year colleges that have accepted at least one recent St. Francis graduate.

Counseling & Academic Advisement

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    Daniel Pelletier 

    Director of Counseling I Academic/College Counselor
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    Teresa Baldonado 

    Academic/College Counselor
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    Tim Bell '09 

    Personal/Wellness Counselor
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    Aaron Dorlarque 

    Mathematics Instructor I Sophomore Counselor
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    Theresa Long 

    Academic/College Counselor
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    Joe Monarrez 

    Director of Admissions | Freshman Counselor
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    Ashley  Muro 

    Learning Specialist