St. Francis High School

Annual Fund


Faith plays a most important role in so much of what we do. The importance of faith has brought us together as a community. The gift of faith has comforted us, and nourished us in times of sadness, and in times of joy. It is this Faith that is interwoven into who we are as members of this St. Francis Community.

We are reminded of this whenever we sing the Alma Mater…and it is this Faith that drives us to continue the work we have ahead of us. This year’s Annual Fund, IN THE WAY OF FAITH calls us to remember this gift that we hold dear; a gift that we were given by those who lived it before our time…and a gift that we now have the opportunity to pay forward for those yet to come.

Make your gift in honor of, or in memory of, that teacher, coach, friar, mentor or friend who was your "Guide and Teacher, IN THE WAY OF FAITH." 

The Annual Fund is critical in supporting the general operating budget of St. Francis High School as well as its ongoing campus deferred maintenance plan and renovation projects. Efforts to maintain a socio-economic diverse student population and a reasonable tuition translate into an operating budget that can not be solely supported by tuition. Gifts to the Annual Fund therefore are critical in supporting the day-to-day school operations as well as addressing ongoing deferred maintenance needs. Each year, with the advice of our Board of Directors and Director of Operations, facility, technology and equipment needs and requirements are reviewed. Also considered are needs for classroom, computer and science labs and other student-related space. The Annual Fund, therefore, directly supports general operating requirements, technology enhancements and physical space maintenance and enhancements.
Parents of current students are asked to commit to an annual gift or pledge to the Annual Fund for each of the four years their son(s) is at St. Francis High School. Alumni, parents of graduates and friends of the school are encouraged to support the Annual Fund – this investment enables the school to satisfy its immediate financial needs and plays a significant part in maintaining financial stability.