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Eric Hamilton – Head Coach
Eric Hamilton started riding mountain bikes in 1983 with a group of friends on the local trails. Racing mountain bikes in Big Bear, led him to meet his wife, Tricia Hamilton, also an accomplished mountain bike rider. Both of his sons, Austin Hamilton (SFHS Class of 2015) and Garrett Hamilton (SFHS Class of 2018) raced/race on the Mountain Bike Team. Taking over as head coach from Lee Bird in 2015 has proved to be a rewarding experience. Eric feels bike handling skills, conditioning, nutrition and hydration are just as important as riding fast. Eric and his family also enjoy camping in the California desert and riding motorcycles.
Lee Bird – Former Head Coach – Coach – Alumni Parent
Lee Bird is the proud father of St. Francis alumni Lance ('12) and Sean ('14). Lance founded the St. Francis HS Mountain Bike Team in the Fall of 2008, and Lee was the Head Coach of the Mountain Bike Team for the 2009 through 2014 seasons. Both Lance and Sean raced on the Mountain Bike Team during their time at St. Francis. Lee served on the SoCal League advisory board and was one of the first licensed coaches in the newly formed league. Lee loves the outdoors, and especially cycling. When not coaching, Lee is often participating in endurance mountain bike or gravel cycling races.
Nick Gualtieri – Coach - Alumni
Nick Gualtieri is a St. Francis alumni from the Class of 94'. 2016 represents his 7th year helping the team. He is also the 2012 recipient of the NICA Volunteer Service Award and traveled to Northern California to receive his award. He has been riding/racing mountain bikes since 1998 throughout the state. His mountain biking claim to fame – he is the 2004 CA State Champion. He is also a member of SC VELO MTB Team since 2005. He and his wife Brandy live locally and attend all the team races.
Alex Boone - Coach
I was raised at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, whose tall granite peaks, cool canyons, and inviting smells of bay laurel and buckwheat sparked my fascination with the outdoors from an early age. At 10 years old, I began mountain biking, entered my first race at 12, and later worked as a mechanic in bike shops throughout my teenage years. In college, cross country racing consumed my life. With little responsibility and ample free time, my days were spent traversing the Santa Monica mountains with the seasoned local racers who took me under their wings.

In 2009 I turned professional, and raced cross country, marathon, cyclocross, and 24 hour events with the support of Trek Bicycles. My years as an elite racer taught me how to harmonize mind, body, and equipment in order to perform at the highest level—and provided a humbling opportunity to compete against world class athletes. After (sort of) retiring from racing at the end of 2012, I shifted my efforts towards supporting new cyclists, with the goal of inspiring lifelong passion for two-wheeled adventure in the mountains. I have been helping the St Francis team since 2013.
Ken Marshall – Coach – Alumni Parent
"You are going to help with the team?" was the response from my son’s (Scott Marshall SFHS 2013 & Alex Marshall SFHS 2015). Both sons had mentioned to Coach Lee Bird that “dad” wanted to help coach the team. As I rode up to the first practice with baggy shorts, t-shirt, and a retro mountain bike, I can only suspect what the coach and team thought.
Now in my 7th season helping each years' new riders I look back and smile on how lucky I and every rider have been to have Coach Bird as our guide and mentor for the first 6 seasons. Needless to say, I dropped the original attire and proudly wear my St. Francis mountain bike kit at every ride.
After riding a bike for more than 65 years, a few years ago, I finally got the racing bug and decided to try mountain bike racing myself. Maybe I could put together what Coach Bird had been teaching our team year after year. So, with white knuckles and a heart rate pounding out the Rocky theme I entered my first local race. Now today at age 71 my accomplishments are; 2012, 2014, 2015 Big Bear California XC State Champion, 2012 8th place Nationals, and 2 time Triple Crown Champion.
Now with Head Coach Eric Hamilton, I'm adding my race insight to our St. Francis team and hope our newest riders get the racing bug like I did. All the while, enjoying the great families I have met along the way.
St. Francis Mountain Bike Team is truly the best ambassador throughout California's high school sporting scene. As a founding team to the SoCal league we/our team is well respected by more than 100 high schools (and growing) at every race we attend.
Race On, Extreme Sweep, Ken.
Pat Donovan – Coach – On Campus Sponsor
Ray Larsen – Coach – Parent
Tricia Hamilton – Coach - Parent
David Haas – Coach – Alumni Parent
Matt Misetich – Ride Leader - Alumni