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Science Department Philosophy

The Science Department seeks to promote science literacy in the young men at St. Francis High School. While the content of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Kinesiology is presented in a manner rigorous enough to prepare a student for a career in science, it is important that all students understand the process of science to better evaluate scientific claims in society.

To this end, students will participate in numerous engaging, hands-on, and inquiry-based science labs throughout their time at St. Francis. Science students engage in the practice of science, routinely designing procedures and solving problems in a way that progresses through their four years in a grade-level appropriate manner. The requirement that all students in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics conduct scientific research and present it at the school-wide science fair gives all students first-hand experience in scientific practices.

A student that has developed his scientific literacy through his time at St. Francis will have a deep understanding of scientific research principles, is well versed in data analysis, and has a strong foundation in the various scientific disciplines. He will be prepared for the rigors of college science classes, have the ability to conduct scientific research in college, and be able to critically evaluate current research findings based on the quality of the scientific method used by the scientists.