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Pilgrimage to Assisi

Pilgrimage to Assisi - Our Franciscan Pilgrimage

Historical events - not just in the USA but also throughout the world - are proving to be challenging for us all. We can sit back, complain and blame people, corporations or governments or we can rise to the occasion of making some important personal changes in our own lifestyles.

More than ever, at this critical point in history, we need to reserve time to "re-find" our way to God. Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs is offering us an opportunity to reflect on these situations and how one can respond with the vantage of the Franciscan worldview as witnessed by Francis and Clare.

A pilgrimage provides time to pray, to look within oneself, to meet the Lord and to make decisions in our lives based on Franciscan values, morals and behavior. By walking the roads traveled by Francis and Clare, we have the time to breathe in their values, their viewpoints. By entering into the rituals and Masses, we have the opportunity to meet God with Francis and Clare. By visiting the sacred places, we gain insight to see our own places as sacred places.

Upon returning to our home, we will see things differently with renewed spiritual growth and with an aspiration to no longer be controlled by the forces outside of ourselves, but to exercise our self-determination to live as Francis and Clare lived.