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Student Activities


Each year students are required to pay class dues. All class dues must be paid on the proper date in order for the students to attend Associated Student Body functions. The amount is $40.00. This amount serves several purposes. First, it is used to underwrite the cost of several of the daily activities that occur on campus. Second, it is used to keep the per-person cost of the Junior/Senior Prom and Grad Night at a manageable level. Finally, it is used to pay for the senior gift. The class dues will be billed to a student’s tuition account in January.


Students are encouraged to become involved in special interest clubs in order to further their experience in areas beyond the classroom setting. Faculty members serve as moderators and help student officers establish schedules for meetings and activities. Information about the campus clubs may be obtained by attending various club meetings or from the Director of Student Activities. There is a monthly Club Council Meeting held the first Monday of each month to coordinate club activities.

In an effort to solidify the club program at St. Francis, there is a limit to the number of clubs to which a student MAY belong. That limit is three (3). This limit does not apply to the clubs that have special requirements for membership. Also, students must be active participants in their respective clubs to assure membership.

New clubs may be proposed by any student. The registration/application form is available in the Student Activities Office. Approval of a new club is subject to acceptance by the Student Council and Administration and must be done by the end of the first academic quarter.