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General Information

What is the LINK Program & what are expectations of a LINK Leader?
The LINK Crew orientation welcomes new students: Freshmen and transfer students, and makes them feel comfortable on the first day of their high school experience and throughout their first year. This year long transition program led by extensively trained Senior and Junior LINK Leaders who are positive role models, motivators and teachers to the LINK Crew students. With the support of their LINK Leaders, transfer & freshmen students are assisted in discovering what it takes to be successful in high school.
A year with LINK begins with a spirited and interactive new student orientation at the start of the school year. After the general assembly, LINK Leaders lead their LINK group of 7-10 new students through a series of fun, positive activities designed to help them all get to know each other as well as learn important campus information. These activities also spark discussion and thoughts regarding the upcoming responsibilities, choices, and challenges in high school.
The goal of the orientation day is to welcome the new students to their new campus and encourage them to think about the path they will take during their time at St. Francis High School.  Additionally, the orientation day establishes the relationship between the LINK Leaders and their group members, so that the new students know who their LINK Leaders are, what their purpose is, and what they can expect in the way of support throughout the year.
LINK Leaders show support by sponsoring events through out the year and commit to meeting their LINK Group monthly & attend and plan LINK sponsored events.