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General Information

Student Council consists of the elected and appointed positions within the student leadership of St. Francis High School. There is a daily Student Council meeting during homeroom. Students are elected each spring and freshmen representatives are elected in September. Student Council is responsible for all student events that take place during as well as after school. Events consist of new student orientation, dances, break & lunch activities, rallies, fundraisers and blood drives.  

The Preamble of Student Council is:
We, the students of St. Francis High School, hereby establish these guidelines for the Associated Student Body and Student Activities program to build and strengthen the unity, cooperation and trust among its members and faculty; to promote spirit through individualized, yet unified channels of student government, scholastic and athletic achievement and any other student oriented activities; and to create men responsible for the betterment of mankind under God through supporting the schools Philosophy and Mission statement that is stated in the Parent/ Student handbook.

There are two levels of involvement for students that are listed below:

Level One - voting members:
1.  An executive officers elected at large -ASB: (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure)
2.  Executive cabinet of ASB commissioners (Activities, Athletics, Entertainment, Publicity, Link)
3.  A senate of class officers with 4-5 officer per grade , voted by grade level
4. Appointed positions by the executive officers include but not limited to: school mascot & school music coordinator. These positions are not voting officers.
5.  A faculty advisor who is the Student Activities Director appointed by the principal
Level Two - non-voting members:       
1.  A house of representatives, called homeroom representatives from 26 homeroom classes, meet once a month in Open Forum meetings.-the ASB President resides over Open Forum meetings
2.  Club presidents or club representatives –part of Club Council and ASB VP resides over Club Council meetings
3. Student Link leaders that mentor entire Freshmen class and is program run under the Link commissioners in Student Council

Requirements of Student Council members:

You must maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. or better (cumulative and in each of the 2 semesters you serve)
You must have a 2.5 G.P.A. or better on your most recent report card to run for office
You cannot be on Disciplinary or Academic Probation
You must be available for all Student Council homerooms, 7:15am Wednesday work meetings and other meetings as they arise. All ASB will attend the summer leadership camp in Aug. at Chapman University (the school pays half, so cost to student is $250).

ASB President - must be a present junior & have serviced one year in Student Council
ASB Vice President - must be a present junior
ASB Treasurer - must be a present junior
ASB Secretary - must be a present sophomore, or junior
ASB Activities Commissioner - must be a present sophomore or junior
ASB Publicity Commissioner - must be a present sophomore, or junior
ASB Entertainment Commissioner – must be a present sophomore or junior
ASB Athletics Commissioner - must be a present sophomore or junior
ASB Link Commissioner - must be a current junior Link Leader and appointed by Link Advisors
Class Officers - run for their specific grade for Class President , Class Vice President and 2-3 Class officers