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2 Semesters
Juniors and Seniors

A studio art class with emphasis on drawing and painting and the use of various media, including an introduction to sculpture.

Introduction to Visual and Performing Arts

1 Semester
Mandatory for Sophomores

This course will introduce students to the history of drama, the history of art, and the history of music. In the first semester students will be introduced to the skill of pantomime, improvisation, voice, stage movement, and character analysis. Students will be able to take a second semester of this course in 11th or 12th grade in order to satisfy the UC requirement for Fine Art.


Elective - 1 evening per week

This course offers thorough vocal experience through class instruction. Voice development and part-singing are promoted. Sight reading and musicianship are developed through the performance of choral selections. The chorus performs in concert at choral festivals, for liturgical celebrations, and for numerous school-related functions.

Mass Media Production

2 Semester Elective

Juniors and Seniors A student's aesthetic abilities are further developed with the analysis of mass media, specifically, television and film in various genres. Thematic and practical approaches are used. Creative and visual skills are enhanced through original writing and actual production (pre-production and post production included using digital editing). This course also includes a survey of the American situation comedy and a survey of American drama for both television and film, and Television News broadcasting.

Theater Arts

2 Semester Elective

Juniors and Seniors The organization of drama emphasizes the development of acting and theater techniques through the student's participation in acting projects. the course is primarily a creative activity; much emphasis is put on each individual's participation in solo or group activities. The course stresses the potential use of theater skills, as well as the history of the theater in relation to the religious morality, mystery, and miracle plays.