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General Information

Welcome Parents! Below is some general information that we hope you will find useful:
ParentPlus Web Portals:
PlusPortals enable school administrators and teachers to share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment.  It includes interactive dashboards that show grades and progress.  Automatic Email Notifications are send to PlusPortals when new data is posted to PlusPortals.  Parents and students can elect how often they with to receive these notifications in their inbox.  Each family will receive an email with login information.
You may click here to access ParentPlus Web Portals directly.

Pick-A-Time is an online Appointment Scheduler for Parent Teacher Conferences.
Benefits for Parents: 
  • Log in at any time to create, review, or modify your appointment
  • Select from all currently available times to find the most convenient time slot(s)
  • Print a schedule for your convenience
  • Request an email reminder prior to the conference event