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1:1 iPad Program

1:1 Program (one device per student) is a move towards enhancing students’ learning and supporting a holistic experience in order to prepare them for college and beyond. The goal is to provide our students with 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication by enriching the curriculum through the use of digital resources. All students are required to purchase their own iPads for use in school. The iPad will be one of many instructional tools in a project/inquiry based learning environment in order to improve student engagement.
St. Francis High School has chosen the iPad because it offers our students many advantages:
  • Affordability, portability, ease of use, usability and proven durability
  • Battery life (full day power)
  • The ability to create dynamic learning environments
  • A large number of educational apps/resources and highest quality of digital textbooks
  • Collaborative content creation
  • Personalization of content and learning
  • Ability to take notes quickly