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Message from the President

Dear St. Francis Family,
Welcome to another exciting school year! St. Francis of Assisi used to tell his friars: “Let us begin again brothers, for up until now, we have done little or nothing.”
We must remind ourselves that each new school year will bring new opportunities and new graces from the Lord along with unforeseen challenges. The greatest treasure we receive is the students who come to St. Francis to be educated and to grow in their spirituality and in the formation of their character.
As I stand in the driveway every morning, I see our Golden Knights getting out of cars driven by their parents. Their good byes are different. Some kiss their parents, others embrace them, others walk out of the car so sleepy that it seems their eyes are still closed. I truly enjoy welcoming your sons each morning.
We all know the school year will go by so fast and so many events will fill our calendars. Unfortunately, the rapid pace does not always allow us to enjoy the quality of the activities and the life on campus. We must always remember that every day is a gift - even those days that are difficult because of circumstances beyond our control.
I still remember participating in my daughter’s school activities. I can relate on some level to what this must be like for you. What are your thoughts and concerns as the new school year begins? If you are a freshman parent, you must have a thousand questions; chief among those questions would be how will my son transition to high school life and a time where he will grow so much emotionally, physically and spiritually? Parents of seniors are undoubtedly thinking of next steps - applying to college and entering a world where your son will make key decisions. The thought of that can be overwhelming! No matter what grade your son is in, you will always be a concerned parent. Parents never stop thinking and worrying.
Our society is demanding more from parents during these high school years as our sons and daughters face joy and sadness, realities and uncertainties. We hope here at St. Francis you will find an environment that will allow you to support your sons and that will provide you with the tools to help them. We will also work to support you, parents. We are grateful for the gift of your sons and your trust in us. So, parents, let us begin again, because we have done a lot and there is a lot more to do!
May the Lord bless you with His Presence!
Yours in Jesus and Francis,
Fr. Tony Marti, OFM Cap.
Fr. Tony Marti, OFM Cap.