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Passive Fundraising

Our partnership with major retailers in the area allows us to receive a percentage of your purchases, those which you would regularly make anyway.  What a great way to be able to raise money for your sons and St. Francis High School, just by doing what you do every day!

Ralphs: ID# 90709 (1-800-443-4438 or
Vons/eScrip: ID# 136952628 (1-800-2545404 or
Target: ID# 2865 (1-800-316-6124 or
Office Depot: ID# 70009162 (Please ask the cashier to give credit to SFHS)

VONS & eScrip
You can visit and register your grocery loyalty, debit, and credit cards for use in the program. Our Account number is #136952628. Participating merchants, including VONS and others, will make a contribution to St. Francis High School based on the purchases you make, just by you registering your cards.

You can visit and register your REDcard (available online if you don’t already have one) to St. Francis High School - account #2865 or you can call 1-800-316-6142.

You can visit and under the “Services” section go to the “Community Contribution” and register your Ralphs card there. Our account number is #90709 or you can call 1-800-443-4438 for further assistance.

Office Depot
St. Francis High School is registered with Office Depot. Our account ID# is 70009162. Upon checkout, please ask the cashier to credit our school.