St. Francis High School

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Graduates of St. Francis High School are:

I.   SPIRITUAL MEN who practice the enrichment of the heart by:
A. living with integrity;
B. recognizing that life is a gift from God;
C. understanding and demonstrating Catholic values in the Franciscan tradition;
D. serving the community, especially the poor and marginalized;
E. developing healthy relationships with God, others, and self;
F. achieving and maintaining spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

II.   INTELLECTUAL MEN who practice the enrichment of the mind by:
A. using critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
B. speaking and writing articulately;
C. understanding and respecting diversity;
D. exhibiting creativity and an appreciation for the arts;
E. using technology ethically and responsibly;
F. understanding cross-curricular relationships;
G. cultivating global consciousness.