St. Francis High School

News and Announcements

Pride Day 2017: Sat., Aug. 19

Join the Booster Club for this annual event to prepare Friedman Field for athletic competition. Pride Day is a great opportunity to meet fellow parents and get started on family service hours. Please see the attached flyer for more information.
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SFHS Announces Launch of School App

Interested in keeping track of all things St. Francis from your smart phone or tablet? We are thrilled to announce that there is now a FREE APP for that! Go to the APP store, type in "St. Francis High School" and look for our unique SFHS logo.
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Announcing the Rudy Trujillo Endowed Scholarship

New York City had its Rudy; Notre Dame Football had its Rudy; but no one had a Rudy quite like St. Francis High School. The Rudy Trujillo Endowed Scholarship honors the legacy of Rudy's 47 years in Catholic education and 27 years of exceptional service to St. Francis High School.
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